Royal Museums Greenwich comprises the Royal Observatory, Cutty Sark, National Maritime Museum and Queen’s House. We are also home to The Prince Philip Maritime Collections Centre and the Caird Library and Archive.

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Environmental Date Entry Volunteer - Conservation (Prince Phillip Maritime Collections Centre)

Royal Museums Greenwich is in the middle of the process of updating its environmental monitoring management system from a desktop management system to an online platform. This project requires that all the historical data collected in the last 10 years, for 200 environmental sensors, needs to be moved from the museum server to the online system.

For this opportunity, we are looking for a volunteer who has:

  • Good IT skills
  • Who wants to get some knowledge about environmental data management.
  • You will be given appropriate training and gain experience in museums environmental data monitoring.
  • As this is role involves the use of IT systems and equipment, this would be a good opportunity for someone with basic Microsoft knowledge.
  • You will be given access to a computer and/or the opportunity to work remotely.

Main tasks and responsibilities:

• Attend zoom or online training sessions about basic environmental monitoring in museums and using the MEACO environmental management systems.
• Search/save/organise the historical environmental data using the desktop version SENSIAII and Microsoft Excel for each one of the sensors in the Environmental management system.
• Enter/update/delete data in the online Environmental management platform for each of the sensors in the Environmental management system.
• Respond via email to requests for data entry.
• Provide an end of week summary of actions completed.
• Attend zoom meetings or face-to-face meetings once a week to plan activities for the volunteer sessions.

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