Exercise Electric Lemur

Volunteer Centre Greenwich (VCG) is the liaison between the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) and Royal Borough of Greenwich for emergency planning. VCG recently attended a Borough Resilience Forum tabletop exercise ‘Exercise Electric Lemur’ which tested the response to a national power outage. This was an eye-opening experience and led us to look at not only how prepared VCG is as an organisation but how prepared are we as a sector. Royal Borough of Greenwich's Emergency Planning Team are therefor putting this exercise on specifically for the voluntary and community sector.

We are also pleased to have a guest speaker Beth Reeves, Chair of London Utilities Sector Panel/Thames Water Resilience Lead. Beth will represent the sector talking on sector specific planning and response arrangements.

Exercise Electric Lemur will be a discussion-based group style exercise which will take place on Tuesday 4th June at Equitable House, Woolwich, First Floor, Main Room from 10am to 12.30pm.

The lead facilitator will introduce the exercise and scenario, and then participants will break out into discussion groups to discuss the scenarios in detail and feedback.

Exercise Aim:

To build a shared understanding of the implications for your organisation, the voluntary sector and partners in responding to a failure of the National Electricity Transmission system, leading to a national power outage (NPO).

Exercise Objectives:

  • Rehearse and examine the implications and impacts of an NPO incident.
  • Work through the practicalities of your organisations’ emergency and resilience arrangements.
  • Consider the effectiveness of VCS response to support multi-agency response arrangements in managing the impact of an NPO incident and to highlight gaps in preparedness.
  • Identify common steps for individual responder organisations and the wider multi-agency (BRF) community in responding to an NPO incident.

Quote from Sue Elsegood member of the METRO GAD management committee attendee at the Exercise Electric Lemur in December 2023.

 ‘This exercise showed me how far reaching the impact of a national power outage would be especially for at risk residents. It highlighted how being prepared and forward planning was vital to continue to provide support in this critical situation’.

We do hope that you will be able to attend this opportunity to feed into this emergency planning scenario and also ascertain you only preparedness for emergency planning for your organisation and service users.

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