At Volunteer Centre Greenwich we are committed to giving our members the easiest access to information and knowledge about best practice in the involvement of volunteers within your volunteering programmes.

Whether you are a small project, social enterprise, large organisation, a well-established organisation or just starting out we know that time is limited and attending a full course of workshops can be a barrier to obtaining the information you need.

We have condensed our best practice workshops to make them more accessible, giving you a quick in-depth overview and knowledge of the information you need to involve volunteers successfully.

Topics are examined from a legal perspective, as well as current best practice in policies and procedures and dealing with difficult situations, whilst also keeping in mind the benefits of a positive volunteering experience for both the volunteer and the organisation. To look into these subjects in more depth, you can still attend a full workshop that focuses on issues relating to these subjects.

Volunteer Management Best Practice Workshops:

Two half-day workshops packed with relevant information, fact sheets and templates to get you started or bring you up to date with current procedures in volunteer management.

Part 1 (workshop 1) - Date to be confirmed
  1. Identifying the motivations to volunteer
  2. Appropriate use of volunteers
  3. Identifying the benefits of involving volunteers and inclusive volunteering
  4. Defining the rights and responsibilities of volunteers
  5. Defining a mechanism for recruiting volunteers
Part 2 (workshop 2) - Date to be confirmed
  1. Good practice policies and procedures
  2. Screening methods
  3. Support supervision

Additional Full Workshop Selection:

Dealing with Difficult Volunteers and Difficult Situations - Date to be confirmed

Even with the best systems and procedures in place some volunteers can seem determined to make life difficult. This workshop will look at possible reasons why and will give strategies for managing these volunteers.

Volunteers and the Law - Date to be confimed

What are the key legal considerations when involving volunteers?  Gain confidence in the essential knowledge you need to manage volunteers.

Policies and Procedures

What goes into a volunteering policy?  This workshop will help decide what new policies you may need and where to include volunteering in your existing policies. 

Measuring and Evaluating the Impact of Volunteering

What is impact? Define and understand impact, understand and assess outcomes and explore the tools to help you implement a framework in your organisation, based on a basic 'theory of change' model.

This is a full day workshop: cost £65 per person

Involving volunteers with additional needs

A practical approach to including volunteers with additional needs, from planning for potential hazards to exploring how to reduce the barriers to recruitment and retention.

Workshop costings:

Members are charged at £125.00 per person for the two half-day full programme workshops (two half-day workshops via Zoom) . 

Non-members are charged at £165.00 per person - for the two full programme workshops (two half-days via Zoom).

Additional half-day topic workshops are charged at £45.00 per person.

Please note: Volunteer Centre Greenwich must receive 72 hours notice in writing/email to either re-book or for fee to be returned.

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