Volunteer Centre Greenwich works with volunteer-involving organisations/projects to both promote volunteering opportunities and to provide support in the best practice of involving volunteers.

Registration with Volunteer Centre Greenwich is free.  To become a member you will need to be a not-for-profit organisation or project in order to register with us.

We do not screen volunteers so you will need to have your own recruitment methods in place when recruiting volunteers.

We offer the follow benefits from registering as a member with us:

Register on line

Roles will be prompted through our online CRM system, 'VC Connect'. 

This system enables you to:

  • Create and manage your own organisation's profile and manage and promote your volunteering roles directly to people interested in volunteering.
  • Search the volunteer bank for people who have expressed an interest in or have the skills needed that match your opportunities' criteria.
  • Access support to manage and develop your volunteering roles and ensure your account remains up-to-date and current.


Targeted recruitment:

  • Struggling to fill a role or have a role with a short turnaround time? VCG will make a targeted promotion of your role through our networks.
  • VCG will promote your volunteering roles through our one-to-one appointments with local people interested in volunteering.
  • VCG can promote your volunteering roles at borough events.

 Need targeted recruitment? Email Membership Services Team 

Information and support centre:

  • Best practice support given on developing and managing your volunteering programme.
  • Best practice workshops available to members at a reduced cost.
  • Support provided, identifying your organisation's individual support needs.
  • Downloadable volunteering fact sheets and policy templates.

Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) support:

  • Advice provided on volunteering roles to see if they require a DBS check.
  • Downloadable role risk assessment templates.
  • Access to a DBS checking service.
  • DBS administration fee applies (£15.00). (Small organisations only who may struggle in the first instance to complete DBS checking for volunteers).

 Need volunteer DBS check? Email Membership Services Team 


Recognition 250 Awards and Recognition 100 Award Pack

As part of your free membership with Volunteer Centre Greenwich you can put your volunteers forward to be recognised for their contribution to your services through the Recognition Award Schemes



Volunteers newsletter:

  • Need to promote something specific such as an event, course or role? Put an ad or information in the Volunteers bi-monthly e-newsletter

Want to promote your volunteering opportunity or service in the Volunteers Newsletter: email Membership Services Team 

Discounted training for staff and volunteers:

As a member you can access discounted and free training