Together the Management Committee members must fulfil the 5 Core Governance Functions:
• Determine Mission and Strategy – setting the organisation’s direction and determining how it will get there.
• Accountability – being held to account for the actions of the organisation and holding those who carry out the work (staff and/or volunteers) to account.
• Look after the committee – ensuring committee renewal (recruitment, induction and retirement), effective decision-making and information-sharing processes, positive group dynamics, and reflection, learning and development for the committee as necessary.
• Safeguard assets – acting as custodian of the assets, tangible (money, property etc) and intangible (organisation’s reputation and name), ensuring that assets are used appropriately and constitutionally. Ensuring that there are sufficient assets for the organisation's survival.
• Act as ‘boundary-spanner’ – linking the organisation to its stakeholders, such as members, the community, funders etc.
• Recruit staff, support, monitor and undertake disciplinary action as appropriate.

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