I am Myriam and I came across the Volunteer Centre Greenwich while looking for employment and have been volunteering there since June last year. On the first day at the centre I was a bit scared not to get the right amount of support that I needed to accomplish the tasks I would be assigned.

Being someone rather shy when in a new environment, I have been pleasantly surprised by the friendly character of the team. They made me feel welcome and they provided lots of support and mentoring which have contributed to boost my self-esteem and improve my communication skills.

Although at times the amount of work can be overwhelming and stressful, it is rather an enjoyable working space. Also, I have been able to develop some nice friendships and I feel more confident to take the next step toward my career goal. Volunteering is definitely something I would recommend to anybody eager to gain some work experience and build their confidence.

The range of skills and experience gained and nurtured through volunteering, alongside the training and workshops i have attended have helped to considerably increase my employability skills.

From the skills i have gained from volunteering I got a job as a part-time temporary business coordinator. I have now been able to secure a permanent contract in marketing support where the benefits of the skills and experience acquired are starting to blossom.

Volunteering has had a massive contribution to extending my communication skills which I am now using daily in the marketing sector and I am sometimes amazed about the level of confidence I have now when interacting with customers.